This Is All You Need.
Your 90 day, all you need program that eliminates every excuse to not look and feel your best. For under 60 bucks, you'd be hard pressed to find a more cost effective, all in program that's every bit of all you need.
  • Fat Loss 
  • Muscle Building
  • ​Maintenance / Conditioning
  • Fat Loss 
  • Muscle Building
  • ​Maintenance / Conditioning

This Is All You Need.
No Excuses.

I asked myself, "How can this program answer all unanswered questions?"

THAT is what created

The proof is in the pudding.. 

You don't usually get a lot for a little..
In today's market, things tend to be a bit overpriced wouldn't you say? The objective with INSTASHRED isn't premium pricing, but providing ALL YOU NEED at a great value!
The 90 Day INSTASHRED Program
One great consideration I made in creating this program is that it there's as little, or as much information as you'd like throughout it. From the daily instructional videos, to the hands on support, you can choose to learn WHY we do what we do within INSTASHRED, or simply implement with no other bother.

What You Get:

  Nutrition Plan tailored to your goal and daily lifestyle
  Full, 90 day workout program with daily instructional videos
  Private INSTASHRED  support group for members only

It's Fast.. It's Easy.. It's Effective!

It's Fast.. 
It's Easy..
It's Effective!

Don't take my word for it..

See for yourself why this revolutionary program WORKS.
In the end, Results are what we're after. Whether it's looking, feeling or performing better,
you want the result and the feeling that comes with it.

Devon Tijerina

Goal - Build Muscle

Devon started out as a skinnier athlete in high school before discovering weight lifting. Trying to gain weight, he began at the picture on the left before arriving at the picture on the right just months later!

Andy Bailey

Goal - Lose Fat

Yes, he's featured TWICE! Just look at those pics above. At 55 years old, Andy wanted to accomplish something uncommon with his body. He wanted to lean out, have a six pack, and be a ripped father! He accomplished this while living the 'Dad' life and even consuming all of his favorite foods in moderation. Now that's a win win!

Trisha Spuck

Goal - Performance

As an avid Tough Mudder & Spartan Racer, Trisha wanted to peak her performance to beat her time on the shorter courses, and finish the longer races. With the help of INSTASHRED, She achieved her Trifecta in 2015!

Mario Calero

Goal - Lose Fat

Mario set out to compete in his first ever bodybuilding and physique show. We achieved just that on this 90 day program without the typical food restrictions and long cardio sessions of a normal contest prep!

 Jake Peterman

"Let me tell you, I was 100% new to these workouts, as well as creating a proper diet. Tyler worked with me to make sure I'm eating right and not missing out on vital nutrients, the best part is I'm not starving myself and have no restrictions. As for the work outs, you will push yourself, you will find new limits and if you work hard you WILL get the results. I've noticed more change in 1 month than I have previously in 4 months of working out on my own. The results are no joke. If you want to make one of the biggest changes of your life Tyler is your go to guy. Worth it 110%. If you commit you will get results. I haven't stopped the program and i am down another 14 pounds."

Sarah Wallin

"Working with Tyler was a fun experience. He made working out exciting and pushed me to do things I didn't always want to do. He is truly wonderful to work with!"

Andrew Stahl

"I really enjoyed the enthusiasm and genuineness of Tyler on this program. Your attitude helped to inspire me to want to do my best and get the most out of our work together. I learned a lot that I still use in practice to this day! :)"

Zuzu Puentes

"Aside from being diligent and knowledgeable in the fitness arena, Tyler's personality was just as important to me. As a client, one must be comfortable with whom they are receiving instruction from. He always made the workout sessions fun while still pushing you to do your best & beyond, when at times I wasn't motivated to be at the gym. Tyler is great at what he does"

Rob Powell

Goal - Lose Fat

As an IFPA Professional Natural Bodybuilder, Rob was ready for his Pro debut on the stage! With a great amount of muscle mass already, our goal with the program was to strip it down to pure muscle and show off his years of hard work!

Bret Snow

Goal - Build Muscle

An average guy who wanted more to his body. We were able to put a few pounds of muscle on Bret, while also stripping off some body fat to reveal some of that hard earned muscle!

Chad Steichen

Goal - Lose Fat

Chad came aboard having been familiar with weights, and a good amount of muscle on him already. Within a short period of time, we were able to take off a great deal of body fat while keeping his food intake high, and his social life enjoyable!

If the above has you feeling like this isn't the right fit, by all means continue your search as I'm not here to sell you.
What I hope this page has done is given you the slightest urge to push the button below, and dive into the next step of your fitness journey. As easy as this program is to follow and at an extremely affordable cost,  there's usually no reason not to!
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